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  Steven and Virginie at the White Eagle Society Ballroom - January 2005 
  MSK/MISN at Gert's 2005
  Cat's Corner New Year's Eve Party 2005 NEW!
  The Boston Tea Party NEW!
  Return of the Ring NEW!



  Steven & Virginie Workshop - February 2004
  Swinging Air Force - First Self-Produced Show
  White Eagle Society Ballroom
  Eastern Canadian Swing Championships III 2004
  Goodbye, Kevin!
  Todd's "920" Penthouse Party
  Swing l'Eté IV Juin 2004
  Cat's Corner New Year's Eve Party 2004
  Swing l'Eté V Juillet 2004
  Byron's Surprise Birthday Party
  SAF Grand Opening
  Dancin' Al's Blues Outting
  Swing Out New Hampshire 2004
  Dancin' Al's Birthday Party
  Austin Lindy Exchange 2004
  Swing l'été VI - Septembre 2004
  Cat's Corner - Alice in Wonderland Halloween - 2004
  Planet Kompa - Halloween Mardi Gras - 2004
  SAF Christmas Party 2004 NEW!


Atwater Club - New Year's Eve 2003
  Newman Ball 2003
  NADC 2003
  Sugar Shack at l'Érablière des Patriotes
  Eastern Canadian Swing Championships 2003
  B-Sharps at the Légion Canadienne
  Swing l'été I (June)
  C-REX 2003
  Swinging Air Force on Parliament Hill for Canada Day
  Swing l'été II (July)
  Petit Medley Collection
  The New Mocha Jo's Opening (May 9 2003)
  Harlem Hot Shots at Cat's Corner (May 3 2003)
  Thursday Night at Cat's Corner - Shag Night (August 3 2003)
  Cat's Corner Grand Opening - Suite 302 (March 3rd, 2003)
  Swing l'été III (September; Mini-Invasion)
  Cat's Corner Home Coming (Mini-Invasion)
  Studio 88 Swing - Halloween Bash 2003
  Cat's Corner - Heaven and Hell Halloween Party 2003
  SAF Christmas Party 2003
  Swing Out Hawaii and Hawaii Lindy Exchange 2003
  Leukemia Research Fund of CanadaFundraiser at Cat's Corner 2003
  Big Band Club at Dorval - Nov. 28 2003
  MSK Fall 2003 - End of Semestre - Swing Fever

Aidan's Birthday Party Exchange 2002
Atomic T.O.E.
The first East Canada Swing Championships
Steven & Virginie Lindy Hop Workshop, May 2002
NADC 2002
Newman Ball 2002
Sugar Shack at the Toit Rouge
Danvers 2002 New Year's Eve Party
The Albany Lindy A Go Go Exchange 2002
SAF Christmas Party 2002
  West Side Lounge Halloween

The American Lindy Hop Championships 2001
Montreal invades Burlington, VT
Noel des Campeurs, summer 2001
New York City Invasion, 3rd edition
Montreal International Swing Dance Festival 2001
Monsters of Swing 2001
Dee and Aidan Birthday Party! (June 2001)
Even more scenesters!
The Big T.O.E.
The Dapparty
Goodbye Club 48
New Year's Eve at Club 48
Bill Borgida (Ithaca) Workshop, January 2001
Damon Stone & Ravitte Gall (Boston) Workshop, March 2001
Erik Robison & Sylvia Skylar (L.A.) Workshop, April 2001
Frankie Manning Workshop in Vermont
Janice & Paolo Workshop, March 2001
Nathalie Gomes Workshop in La Belle Province, October 2001
  Swing Hop
  Club 48 - March 2001

More Scenesters
Christmas Party at Club 48
Remembrance Day at Club 48
Local Scenesters
American Lindy Hop Championships, New York City, October 2000
New York City, September 2000
B Sharp at Club 48, November 2000
Swing Ring 1st Anniversary, February 2000
Swinging Air Force Workshop inQuebec City
Chris Chapman & Maren Perry (Seattle) Workshop, Club 48, October 2000

Royal Crown Revue at Cabaret
Royal Crown Revue at NYC
RCR @ the Hollywood Bowl
Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra (Spectrum)
Summer in California (RCR, Lavay Smith, Steve Lucky, Lee Press-On, New Morty Show)
Warped Tour (RCR/Atomic Fireballs)
Sailor Swing Me (NYC)
Montreal Int'l Jazz Festival 1999
The Swing Ring
Betty's Trip to NYC
Swing in the Park
Johnny Favourite at Bourbon
High Rollin' In Atlantic City
Big Boy Bloater and His Southside Stompers
Familiar Faces
Weekend in Toronto
Vic and Betty
Big Swing Daddy