Swing Out Hawaii and Hawaii Lindy Exchange 2003 - Index

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Warning: There are larger than usual pictures here.

Note #1: Many many many pictures are unlabelled or mislabelled. Please email me to correct them. Though I do apologise in advance for my mistakes.

Addendum: I've pretty much given up all hope to identify people because there are too many of them and because some of the corrections I've received conflict. So if it isn't you in the picture, then please don't send in corrections. :-)

Note #2: The original images in their original format may be found here for a limited time only. [350 images; 464 megs]


Monday: Welcome Night Dance [25 images; 2.04 megs]

Tuesday: Japanese Night Dance [13 vimages; 1.17 megs]

Wednesday: Hiking at Diamond Head Crater and Makapuu Lighthouse [19 images; 1.61 megs]

Wednesday: Holiday Night Dance at the Juke Joint [14 images; 1.33 megs]

Thursday: Hawaiian Paradise Night Dance [41 images; 3.77 megs]

Friday: Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay [14 images; 1.46 megs]

Friday: Pajama Night Dance [56 images; 4.35 megs]

Saturday: Blues Masquerade Gala [80 images; 6.43 megs]