Nathalie Gomes in La Belle Province, October 2001

The biggest swing night in the history of the province: 472 people at the Laval University Grand Salon!

4 girls at a bar... Can we ask for more?

The Beginner Class

S.K. Obi spins it out!

Mel and Geoff blueing the night away

American Champions at the Swing Hop

Chantal's birthday jam

Chantal and her crowd of followers (and leaders)

Diner with Nathalie & Yuval

Guess what... Another diner table!

Dapper and al. calmly enjoying the party.

Gomes says...

Hod says...

Yan's good morning call to Nathalie

Dee... Um... Is that what you call styling?

Jiver and Kathy giving it their best shot

Luc, Caro and a quickstop.

New Orleans night... Anything goes, ladies and gents!

New Orleans dancing

Smiles from New Orleans, Montreal!

The performance class. After this, we'll have 60 performers on our hands... Or will we?

A lot of curiosity going on about the Swinging Air Force pictures

The DJs of Saturday night

Dee and Nat doin' the shimmy


Unidentified buttocks stretching out the longest massage chain in Quebec. (Please don't believe that's an actual web address!)

The properly named Gomes Boys

Waryse & Zack making equally silly faces

I'm not sure that move's part of the Lindy curriculum...